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How-to Renew Your License

Step-by-step instructions

PLEASE NOTE: You must have access to the Medical Board's online services for licensed professionals.

If you do not have access at this time, click here.

Once your online account has been created you are ready to start the renewal process.
To renew your license follow these instructions:

  • Login to your account.
  • The 'Account Home' page will have a green box with your renewal status.
  • There is a link in the left side menu and in the middle of the page under 'Pay Services' named 'Online Renewal'.
  • The 'Renewals' page will have a link to renew your license when it is time and you can access past year renewals.
  • Clicking the 'Continue' button will start the renewal process.
  • Answer all the questions and explain if needed. Then on the 'Review' page look over your answer and continue to the payment center.
  • Fill in the forms to pay for your renewal.
  • Check your email for a comfirmation of your completed renewal.
  • The 'Final Steps' page will have a check list to print to complete the renewal supporting forms and additional information the Board needs form the licensee.