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Filing a Complaint against a Practitioner

Please read and follow the instruction carefully.

If you would like to file a complaint against a particular practitioner, please submit a letter that contains the following information:

  1. Practitioner's full name
  2. Patient's full name
  3. Complainant's full name and address
  4. Specific nature of complaint
  5. Complainant's signature
The complaint must be an original letter addressed to the Arkansas State Medical Board.  Upon receipt of your complaint, we will send a copy of the complaint to the practitioner.  The practitioner will be asked to respond to your complaint within two weeks.  Upon receipt of the practitioner's response, we then make a case that is presented and reviewed at the next board meeting.  Within two weeks following that board meeting, you will be notified of the board's decision.

The complaint should be mailed to:
Arkansas State Medical Board
1401 West Capitol Avenue Suite 340
Little Rock, AR  72201

You may refer to the Arkansas Medical Practices Acts & Regulations ACA § 17-95-409 for a listing of the grounds for denial, suspension or revocation of a license.