General Information


July 30, 2020
Effective Date for Rules
At the June 2020 meeting, the Medical Board adopted amendments to Rule 6 governing occupational therapy, amendments to Rule 24 governing physician assistants, amendment to Rule 37 – graduate registered physicians and adopted Rule 44 –pre-licensure criminal background check. The effective date of these amendments and new rule is August 7, 2020.
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Forms and Publications

July 24, 2020
DEA Online Registration Changes
DEA has eliminated paper registration and renewal notifications, and moving toward the ONLINE registration and renewal process. Paper notifications will no longer be mailed. Therefore, it is imperative that DEA has the correct email address of the registrant, or their designated point of contact. Registrants without email addresses will be contacted by DEA personnel in order to update the notification database.  Registrants may also directly contact Registration Support Specialists, Julie (571) 362-4890 or Connie (571)362-4891) who handle the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi. Additional information can be found on the DEA website:,Registration Support.

April 22, 2020
Warning Concerning U.S. Marshals Impersonation Calls
The United States Marshals Service contacted the Medical Board office regarding a scam phone call that seems to currently be targeting Arkansas physicians. The callers identify themselves as a Deputy United States Marshal, and advise the physician that they have an outstanding warrant(s) for Failure To Appear on a jury subpoena and tell them they need to appear at their closest Federal courthouse in order to appear before a magistrate judge. If you receive such a call, the United States Marshals Service recommends that you get the caller’s information and tell them you will have your attorney call them back. You should then contact the United States Marshals Service in Little Rock, AR at (501) 324-6256 and speak with Deputy U.S. Marshal Jeremy Hammons at extension #271. At this time the United States Marshals Services does not believe there to be a physical threat to anyone, but intended victims should remain vigilant and report any suspicious persons or activity to their local law enforcement officials.

October 14, 2019
New App from Arkansas Take Back

For life-saving information and resources, including how to save a life with naloxone, download the new tool designed to help deal with issues such as drug abuse and overdose.

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July 28, 2019
On-the-job trained Surgical Technologists

The Arkansas State Medical Board is excited to announce the approval of Act 264. This Act allowed on-the-job trained Surgical Technologists an extended time period to submit their registration (deadline: March 31, 2020).

The parameters required for registration are contained within A.C.A. 17-95-1003(3) of the Arkansas Medical Practices Act Regulations ( The application and other documentation continue to be available for download from the Board’s website.